Dual Fuel for Diesel Engines
Existing engines ready to be retrofitted: Dual Fuel kits will save you money

Many oil and gas applications already use engines that are ready to be upfitted using dual fuel kits. This is a great starting point, because you can now save money and help the environment by choosing a dual fuel kit over a new dual fuel engine.

  • The dual fuel kit costs less than buying a new engine and requires minimal changes to the existing engine, resulting in reduced equipment integration efforts. This reduces the total capital required to upgrade your fleet and achieve operating and sustainability goals.
Dual Fuel engines deliver financial savings through reduced fuel consumption

Fuel cost is one of the primary expense line items for operators. Dual fuel engines bring financial savings in the form of reduced operating expenses (OpEx). 


  • Substituting the diesel fuel with natural gas fuel:  diesel fuel goes through a longer journey in reaching the engines.. This journey includes oil production, oil transportation, diesel production at a refinery, storage, transportation, and delivery to the pump truck. All these steps within diesel’s journey come with additional costs. Using available on-site natural gas instead of diesel, results in operational savings.