Dual Fuel for Diesel Engines
  • Reduced diesel fuel refining and transportation: Diesel fuel goes through a long journey to get from the wellhead to your fuel tank. By using the available on-site gas in your dual fuel engines, you also reduce the need for those operations to process and deliver diesel fuel to your site. This, in turn, reduces the associated environmental impacts of transportation and refining.
  • Reduced flaring: Another key environmental advantage achieved through the use of on-site natural gas, is the reduction of flaring. The excess natural gas burned through flaring can be redeployed to power the dual fuel engines on a well site. 
  • Less equipment to scrap and send to landfills: A dual fuel kit, instead of brand new dual fuel engines, also allows you to extend the utilization of your existing engines. With a solution that converts an existing diesel engine to a dual fuel engine, you are avoiding scrapping of the older engines. This results in less equipment to scrap, thus less equipment to send to landfills.