Dual Fuel for Diesel Engines

Within oil and gas applications, drilling and well-servicing operations are where you could commonly see dual fuel engines powering equipment. This is due to the financial and environmental benefits drilling and well-servicing contractors experience with dual fuel engines.

Our Dual Fuel kit can utilize gas with varying water content and composition. While this can effect the performance of the engines, the underlying power requirements are met and operators see operational benefits with Dual Fuel by utilizing the ‘free’ gas on site, while minimizing diesel logistics.

Caterpillar 3512 and 3516 engines used primarily in Nigerial Oil rigs were converted to run Dual Fuel with over 70% substitution of diesel and capable of handling all load ranges due to a multi-actuated gas flow control unit.

In addition optional gas and diesel fuel metering allows the operator to monitor fuel conservation in real time.