Dual Fuel for Diesel Engines

CNG Jumbo Tube Cascades Feeds Gas to Pressure Reduction System, with dual outputs @ 5psi going to the generators

Biogas and biodiesel based conversion

A Biogas based conversion

This system allows the generator to run on both diesel fuel and biogas/CNG/LNG. The biogas/CNG/LNG is introduced into the engine through the air intake system, where it is mixed with air and ignited by the diesel fuel. This system can reduce the amount of diesel fuel required to run the generator, resulting in cost savings and reduced emissions; it is important to ensure that the biogas/CNG/LNG being used is of high quality and meets the necessary safety and performance standards and is delivered at the optimal pressure and flow rate to meet the diesel generators operating parameters. Proper maintenance and monitoring of the generator and fuel system are also important to ensure safe and efficient operation.