Off-Shore Platform

Fuel Flow Monitoring with Explosion Proof Standard Application, and Fire Suppression

Dual fuel solutions are increasingly popular in the oil and gas industry for a number of reasons—flexibility, time- and cost-savings, efficiency and more.

If you’re running traditional main power, and there’s a limited supply of gas in your deep water oil field, bringing more on board can be time-consuming and costly. A dual fuel product gives you more options. You can burn the fuel gas when it’s available, then switch to another fuel source—crude oil, associated gas, diesel—when the fuel gas isn’t available or runs out.

More important, you can do it without giving up performance. Our solutions offer power density and load response on par with their diesel engine counterparts.

When using dual fuel engines you may not need separate power sources for essential services. That’s because the module features an emergency configuration, which allows you to switch back and forth easily between main power and emergency power. Fewer power sources mean less maintenance, lower costs and reduced downtime.

Dual fuel units will last for life of your field, and you can count on support during that entire period as well. We’ll work with you from the initial design phase to help you determine exactly what kind of power you need, through installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance and support.