Dual Fuel Conversion

Diesel Generators can be retrofitted to run on [Natural] Gas and Diesel while still maintaining the ability to operate on 100% Diesel Fuel if Natural Gas is interrupted. Operators can save upto 50% of operating costs.

The system is used to lower exhaust emissions, extend diesel fuel tank run-time, reduce fuel expenses and prolong engine life and maintenance. Sources of gas can be from standard pipelines, oil fields, offshore platforms, landfills, digester or other sources of methane gas.
Installation of the Dual Fuel System in no way compromises the performance of the generator relative to the rated load of the machine. A generator with a 1000 kW stand-by rating which has been retrofitted to Dual Fuel will still provide 1000 kW of power in both 100% diesel and Dual Fuel modes.

In other words, the generator is not de-rated after installation of the system. Similarly, there is no decrease in generator load response or stability while operating in either fuel mode.

Safety is inherent, automatic, and redundant in our system – as opposed to most of our competitors. Knock monitoring is standard and incorporated into the main control with automatic gas shutoff. In addition, we use external sensors which monitor other engine parameters to well within OEM levels controlling our demand-based variable gas flow module – another unique feature. 

The Dual Fuel fumigation system does not add spark plugs or change other specifications within the engine, so factory warranties remain in effect. Engines maintain full rated horsepower/kW at factory recommended operating temperatures. Emissions such as NOx can be lowered by as much as 60%. Oil changes can be extended approximately 3 times normal. Black exhaust smoke (particulates) can become clear.