Cummins QSK and KTA

We have installed our dual fuel kits on most models of Cummins engines, including the G-Drive engines such as the QSK50, QSK60, QSK19, QST series etc. In addition, its most popular land-drilling engine such as the KTA50 can also be retrofitted to run dual fuel. It is also advisable to add a catalytic converted to further enhance the engines’ ability to confirm to regulations.

  • Lower operating costs, using gas in place of fuel oil where available
  • Redundancy in control systems ensures safe and optimal performance
  • Maintain existing service intervals and component life, eliminating extra servicing costsĀ 
  • Meets and in some instances exceeds emissions certification requirements for diesel product.
  • Ability to accept a range of gas quality; system automatically adjusts to fuel quality changes, eliminating the need for field calibration.