Caterpillar engines like the 3516B, 3512, C32, C15 engines are high RPM powerhouses used in various applications. They are the preferred engine choice for land based drilling rigs, and multi MW synchronized power plant needs.

We have installed our dual fuel kits on these engines in many different applications which are shown below.

Caterpillar also promote their own ‘Dynamic Gas Blending’ solution which was introduced in the past 5 years only; they offer the dual fuel kits as an aftermarket via select agents, in select industries and countries.

In comparison, our dual fuel system can be applied to any Caterpillar engine and achieve upto 70% replacement of diesel. In addition, our systems exists separate from the diesel control module. We offer a redundant safety and independent gas control system that can be isolated while retaining the engines Diesel-only performance when needed.

Your generator set automatically adjusts to fuel quality changes, eliminating the need for field calibration. Our system ensures maximum substitution over the widest load range in the industry, so you enjoy the same service intervals and component longevity while maintaining diesel generator set power and transient response performance.