Dual Fuel Power Systems

We are a Canadian company based in Toronto, Ontario.

For the past 3 decades we have worked to perfect the conversions of diesel engines (primarily generators) to run on a majority mixture of gas with a minority [pilot] amount of diesel fuel to enable compression ignition of the mixture.

Our technology allows operators to reduce their reliance on diesel fuel while burning cleaner natural gas until technological development can make it possible to shift to more sustainable fuel/power sources.

Caterpillar C-15 Diesel Generator on Dual Fuel with Fuel Monitoring

We have worked in many countries on different continents for a variety of different operators, the use of our conversion technology also allows for increased runtime for remote locations or disaster affected sites where the only reliable way to provide crucial power for humanitarian and relief purposes.

Using our extensive experience in fuel options for power systems we also do R&D into alternative power systems such as Backup or Active battery-based systems and solar installations.

1 Yonge St. Toronto ON M5E 1E5