Cummins KTA50

We worked on this project with some of our OEM partners to heavily modify a standard Cummins KTA50-G3 generator to meet Explosion Proof standards required for an operator on an Oil rig, while also being Diesel Dual Fuel capable.


Cummins KTA50

Bi-Fuel Diesel Generator







Cummins Bi-Fuel

By adding the optional Bifuel capability to the prime movers on an oil rig the operator can use associated gas to power the rig with upto 70% replacement of diesel and achieve not only cost optimization but also extreme environmentally friendly operation.





 The conversion was carried out with full reporting capability and fuel monitoring of both diesel and gas.

Diesel To Dual Fuel Gas Generator kit

            Cummins KTA50


In our nearly two decades of Dual Fuel conversion experience we have converted nearly every model of engine by most major manufacturers.

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